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Mirtel Manor Farm​    NPIP#31-1283

♥Our number one priority is our animals quality of life♥

♥Save the Spanish big or small save them all♥


Chicks   (4 chick shipped minimum)

Please email to check on availability

Shipping is extra, all chicks are shipped with proper bedding, grow gel, seasonal fruit

48 hour live guarantee all chicks are straight run only.

White Face Black Spanish

We have lots of chicks and more to come!  Shipping is at our discretion based on weather.  Chicks are well started at least 2 weeks old before shipping.  

$20 each

Whiting True Blues

We will make sure you get a nice assortment of colors to start off your True Blue flock.  We only hatch from our bluest of egg layers to ensure you will also end up with nice blue eggs!

$15 each


Some very nice Serama they will be at least 3 weeks of age when shipped.  Please feel free to email if you would like photos of parent stock.

$10 each

White Fac​e Black Spanish Bantams

New for 2020 White Face Black Spanish Bantams!  Chicks are straight run $20 each.  Olders grow outs are by pairs only call for pricing based on age

Lavender English Orpington

We have a nice selection of these lovely lavender chicks!  Shipping is at our discretion based on weather.  You will fall head over heels with these fluffy butts

$20  each